High school isn’t easy.

Freshman year, you’re getting used to significantly harder classes, lots of new classmates, and a whole host of extracurricular options.

Sophomore year, the difficulty keeps going up, and you’re starting starting to be more involved in sports and clubs.

Junior year, you’re taking the SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests, along with a full load of AP courses and their year-end exams.

Senior year, you need to keep your grades up, apply to college, and manage leadership roles at your organizations!

Through it all, Tokyo Academics is here to support you. Our classes and instructors will make sure you’re dialed in and set up for success.


Standardized Tests

SAT Math 1 & 2
SAT Physics
SAT Chemistry
​SAT Biology


​AP Calculus
AP Statistics


AP Physics 1 & 2
AP Physics B & C
AP Chemistry
​AP Biology


AP World History
AP European History
​AP US History
AP Micro Econ
AP Macro Econ


AP Language & Composition
AP Literature
Creative Writing
​Persuasive Writing

International Baccalaureate

Math HL & SL
Math Studies
Physics HL & SL
Chemistry HL & SL
Economics HL
Biology HL & SL

Student, Sacred Heart

Tokyo Academics provided me with a dedicated tutor who cares about his pupils and their pursuit for self-improvement. My tutor inspired me to work to my full potential, improving my SAT score substantially and reconstructing my work habits. If you want a personable, inspiring, and all around helpful tutor, Tokyo Academics is the place to find one.

Student, ASIJ

My Tokyo Academics tutor knew what to do for people new to the SAT. He went over strategies and foundations first which helped me to solve problems in less time and efficiently. He also helps me with vocabulary which will help me with the real SAT. He helps me with right pace and go over things I have most having difficulties with. He makes sure I will not make the same mistake more than once.


Tokyo Academics can support you on a one-on-one basis or with a group class.

One-on-one lessons are scheduled for your convenience, and tailored to your needs. Having trouble grasping key concepts? Need to catch your breath on a fast-moving class? Keen to acquire a more in-depth understanding of what you’re covering? A one on one session with one of our elite tutors may be for you.

Group classes are arranged to support groups of up to six students with a specific course currently being taught at your school. They typically meet once or twice a week to a pre-arranged schedule. If you’re looking for the benefits of a one-one-one, but in the supportive context of a small group, this may be the choice for you. See our schedule for details!

Parent, International School

Thank you very much again for your hard work! [My daughter] could not have made it this far without your help. You really kept her encouraged and inspired throughout this very stressful time. [My daughter] was so lucky to have you!

Student, International School

Thank you so much for everything. You have helped me in so many ways and I don't know if I would be in college if it weren't for you! I owe my SAT score to you. Thank you!

Parent, ASIJ

I should take a moment to tell you and the rest of Tokyo Academics how much we appreciate your tutoring services. My son finished out the school year strong and did very well on his AP tests and my daughter is much more confident and optimistic about math. We all recognize that Tokyo Academics played a huge role in this.

Student, ASIJ

I appreciate the environment you have created for me, as well as many others, at Tokyo Academics. Unlike other study areas, Tokyo Academics felt like home; I could connect with teachers and students alike . . . TA will always be in a special place in my heart . . . Thank you!



Spring 2018 Standardized Test Prep
Class Date Time Status
SAT Verbal (aimed at Mar 10 SAT) Sundays, Jan 14 - Mar 4 10:00-12:30CLOSED
SAT Math (aimed at Mar 10 SAT) Sundays, Jan 14-Mar 4 13:00-15:30CLOSED
SAT Physics (January-March) Sundays, Feb 4-Mar 18 17:00-19:00
SAT Math II (January-March) Sundays, Feb 4-Mar 18 19:00-21:00
SAT Verbal (aimed at May 5 SAT) Sundays, Mar 11-Apr 29 12:30-15:00
SAT Math (aimed at May 5 SAT) Sundays, Mar 11-Apr 29 9:30-12:00
SAT Physics (April-May) Sundays, April 8-May 27 17:00-19:00
SAT Math II (April-May) Sundays, April 8-May 27 19:00-21:00