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Robotics Class

Learn robotics at the Tokyo Coding Club or even do it as a hobby. Our engineers from top universities and top companies in Japan and around the world will guide you in each step to achieve proficiency in electronics and embedded systems.

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Get 2 Free Trials

Programming Class

Learn to code and program with our engineers from top universities and top companies in Japan and around the world. Get professional insights and personalized guidance in programming languages such as Python, Java and many more. Younger students will get to use popular games such as Minecraft or even the AI-powered toy robot, Cozmo to learn to code.

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Get 2 Free Trials

Programming / Robotics Bootcamps

Learn programming / robotics on spring, summer or winter break.

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Thank you for having Yuma trying out your programming and robotics classes. He enjoyed both of them very much!

Kumiko S., mother

Akem. had a great time with Sara last Friday. She told me the class was very helpful and the concepts were easy to follow.

YM. , mother

We signed up again for Spring! Hopefully, they can have you as an instructor.

Laura K., mother


We are Japan’s premier coding club for students age 7-18. At Tokyo Coding Club, you will find:

In-demand tech curriculum, the most relevant STEM education.
With summer, winter and spring break programs and weekly classes, our skill development system paves way for our students to develop the latest, most in-demand skills.

An immense talent pool of world-class instructors.
Our carefully-vetted staff is recruited from top companies and top universities around the world.

Small class sizes for effective and personalized learning.
For exceptional and enhanced learning, small class sizes are your chance to get more attention and participation with our tech teachers.

We believe in the idea of awesome technology education.
Our mission is simple, to create mind-blowing tech experiences that inspire students to create the future.


“Learning to write programs stretches your mind, helps you think better, and creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains…” -Bill Gates

Coding has become one of the most important skills for students to acquire in the 21st century – valuable in fields from robotics to arts and culture. We prioritize a hands-on approach at TA, helping students walk through the basic theoretical understandings of coding through software platforms, and moving on to practical applications through robotics.

Our aim is to create skilled and knowledgeable programmers with the ability and confidence to undertake their own projects, and realize their own ideas.

Also feel free to join the Tokyo Coding Club at Tokyo Academics for more STEM stimulating tech classes.

Programming Foundations With Python & Minecraft

Programming Foundations With Cozmo

Game Development With Python : Learn To Code Making Games

Robotics With Arduino

Learn popular programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, C++, Java, Arduino and many more.

Python is the #1 language choice for machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence. Java is a programming language and computing platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Build websites with Javascript and control hardware with C++. Learn them all here at Tokyo Coding Club with top-class engineers from all over the world!

Featured Teachers

A truly world-class and international environment. We take pride in our diversity and our teaching, work, and culture reflects the international communities we grew up in: New York, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and elsewhere.

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